Full Version: Loosing REP
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So, i've been playing alot of BEO2 lately, and my suggestion is that when a player leaves in 1v1 You should be able to leave without loosing REP. I usually need to wait 1 - 2 rounds before the game ends, It's a bit annoying.
1. Wait for it to finish and get the free win. (I'm assuming you're talking about chickens here)
2. Refresh the page and lose out on any gained experience which keeps you at a lower level, longer.
3. Keep leaving games and lose the rep because that loss is meant to discourage people from leaving games.
Dude on bad eggs online 2, in the game u don't lose rep at all, u can only lose rep if someone reports u, or if u chicken out in the middle of a game, u can gain rep everyday after u log in to get your spin and win 1 game, u can keep your even if u chicken out of a game, ONLY if someone invites u to join theirs or if u press close all tabs button or ctrl + w u still keep your rep
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