Full Version: Unfair games
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I think that low level players should not be playing against high level players. The high level players often have alot of weapons that you get from leveling and from weapon packs. Many of the weapons do about 40 - 50 dmg which gives the high level player a huge advantage. There's like a 10% chance for the low level player to win the game.

Therefore i think that there should be some sort of matchmaking system. EDIT: I do know that some of the low level players also have weapon packs, but the high level players is much more experienced too.
Been suggested before, been denied before. Basically, there's no way to differentiate them because of the prestige levels. Taking those out, there's also those low-leveled players who choose to purchase packs (who probably out-number the high leveled players with them). Even taking weapons out, the only thing you have left is level, and level is only a number. Heck, there's even been high-leveled players who decided to start over with a fresh account.

All of this means that, at the end of the day, the only difference is a matter of experience and that's something that you can't make a system for.
I totally agree with u tenchi, but umm if u lose, deal with it cause everyone knows loses make u stronger, so learn from your experience and get better, or just buy stuff on there like everyone else
can't make matches fair, even if all had same weapons with same amount of ammos and map would fair to all then skills would decide or which team starts 1st.
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