Full Version: The Fridge and Popcorn
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Can u unlock the fridge or popcorn weapon? How do u get those weapons, I only get them trough stash and daily spin, is there anyway to unlock them since they got the lock symbol on them just like the plasma canon?
No, both of those are only acquirable via stash. Either buy them on the stash tab or get them in the daily spin. They aren't solvable challenges like the plasma cannon, spook and egg in white (etc.) either. It's been set like that since their release over two years ago. It's supposed to be a once and awhile type weapon available to use only when the user deems necessary, such as a game clenching win. In turn, it makes them very unique. If you don't want to spend the credits to have one, take a spin and goodluck. It eventually pays off as I have over 10 of each just from spins.
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