Full Version: **Weather weapon pack**
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This weapon is called

Weather Weapon Pack.

It has extreme weather conditions

1. Tsunami Goes across the whole map which ever your facing. Does 20-25 damage [Image: 1387860497-clip-177kb.png]

2. Tornado, goes across whole map and also messes the terrain up a bit,, does 15-20 damage (sorry for bad drawing my track pad is very very bad)
[Image: 1387860774-clip-170kb.png]

3. Lighting strike, when you shoot the cloud will hit the first person it sees (that it can attack, if they are caved under terrain it would not hit so it can back fire if you have bouncy walls) does 35 damage in total (direct hit is 25 damage and in 2 turns he gets -5 (electricty after shocK)

[Image: 1387861008-clip-162kb.png]

4. earth quake (does 15 damage to all players)
shakes your screen and some of the terrain ends up being different (not by to much)
[Image: 1387861484-clip-292kb.png]

5. Meteorite (does 10 damage per meteorite, 5 fall down, 50 damage total)
[Image: 1387862154-clip-323kb.png]

This took me 1 hour to make, because my track pad is really really dumb it doesnt want to respond i had to fix evrything if i was on my computer it would look 2x better then this but sorry but you guys get the point, please dont judge from the art just from what the idea is...
Wow, support, i like the meteorites Smiley_BigGrin, nice idea
Thanks a lot madjogo. apperciate the support
(12-25-2013 02:43 PM)Jogo Wrote: [ -> ]I respect you scifen, support! Smiley_BigGrin

Same goes for me.
Hey hawk, when did i say "I RESPECT YOU SCIFEN,SUPPORT! ".......? ._. i said:Wow, support, i like the meteorites Smiley_BigGrin , nice idea
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