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Hello Everyone.
The idea I would like to propose is a name change, available once every 5-6 months, or pay 20-30 Credits for the name change.
The reason for the limit and price is to stop people spamming and overloading
the servers, and to help support the game. If this idea gets through, I would gladly buy another credit pack to change my username on my account.

Thanks in advance for feedback, comments, etc.
I think 5-6 months and having to pay about 20 credits is good enough.

You shouldn't be able to change your name weekly anyway. And it'd be better if people had to pay for it if they really wanted it.
As much as I'd like this, the developers have stated before (many times) that they don't feel like adding that feature, for whatever reasons they have.
I like this idea a lot ummm I would wait the months and use the credits to buy shells, if I could change user it would be
mrgowithyourmove or Deaththekid101
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