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It's a good theory. Games that have this reward feature are usually much bigger and span several servers. Those types of games also usually have a storyline and a larger shop. This game has no story to follow, and with out the story or the quests, there's no need for anything extra to be gained for a daily login.
That's the other issue, logins do not mean active players. If you go by daily wins, then they get the reward and log off. Free experience as a reward would mean that every few weeks you could prestige. Free credits, however, means that in a few weeks everyone could have everything and results in less incentive for the Donkins to make anything (free stuff=less cash).
So if you did those 2 things separately, or in combination, you end up with one big mess and a pointless game. There'd be no reason to try for experience to get on the leaderboard because you could make it on there with 1 good day of play. The packs and shells would become pointless because anybody would be able to get them in a few weeks time. And then nobody would play beyond earning their daily reward, causing the game to slowly die away.
ok idea. but I don't want it. and i'm sure the donkins wont put it in.
(12-24-2013 10:20 AM)Master chief Wrote: [ -> ]tenchi is on topic! he did/does nothing wrong.

(12-24-2013 10:35 AM)Master chief Wrote: [ -> ]ok idea. but I don't want it. and i'm sure the donkins wont put it in.

"i'm sure the donkin wont put it in"

Where do you get your facts about what the donkins do?
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