Full Version: CLAN SEA™ :) Are u New? Do you want a generous CLAN? Here It is
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[Image: il_570xN.429571730_s7bz.jpg]

Today I was thinking that these 2 year Ive been playing this game I didn't create any Clan, I always belonged to DEW clan, but now I want to announce this new Clan , whose name is SEA™ , its a clan for people without clan, everyone can enter, and I think that is a nice oportunity to make this Clan Grow.

We just want you to be as least level 20 , and be a nice member.
Just learn to lose and be nice with all and you can become a Sea™ member!

¿Who doesn't love the SEA? All the clans started being small.


Hoy estaba pensando que estos 2 años he estado jugando este juego Yo no he creado ningún clan, siempre que pertenecía al clan DEW, pero ahora quiero anunciar este nuevo clan, cuyo nombre es SEA™, su clan para las personas sin clan, todo el mundo puede entrar, y yo creo que es una buena oportunidad para hacer de este clan crecer.

Gracias por leer!
Good luck with your clan.
Good luck with the clan marina
Good luck with your clan. A little advice you should add more stuffs to your thread gd luck again.
Best of luck Marina.
Goodluck Marina
Buena suerte Marina Buen clan!
Good luck m8
Best of luck Smiley_Smile
Do you have HQ in Sealand?
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