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Hello guys,so this going to be a thread that I will be sharing my thoughts on ideas being implemented in our dear game,Bad Eggs Online 2.So without anything else to say,let's begin.
First of all,I belive that there should be ranks and titles in our clan,you don't know what title are?Well,titles are things that go in front of your name and show if you are first/second in command likeCmd=Commander,Jr=Junior.I would like this because if you are playing in a clan war or just a simple game,you should know who's in charge of the clan or does the trials.
➤The titles/ranks can be customized but there should be rankings from the beggining;
5.The Boss
➤Only the creator of the clan can change ranks/titles.

Something else that should be added is team logo that should be big enough so it has good resolution.
e.g. [Image: icon_prestige_bo2_verylarge_52x.png]
➤Logos should be looked by admins before posted due to nudity or bad words in it.
➤The Logo may even be .gif but it won't be prefered because it will cause lag.

In the end we have my last suggestion;Clan Ban/kick.There should be a button next to players that will be appeared only in clan teammates that says kick (Kicked from clan - Not Permanant) or Ban (Kicked from clan - Permanant)So that way we can get rid of annoying fake clan members.

Hope you like them.Stay legit,
Something like this had been posted 3 times but this one was so far the most detailed one with extra ideas.

I totally agree with all of this.

I also think there should be a little leader bored of everyone in your clan and you can make it from highest level to lowest or highest in rank to lowest and be able to remove them etc....

instead of going to profile > friends for clan you can goto profile > CLAN and it will have 2 option: request to join clan OR create your own..

I believe max letters should be 5 in my opinion
Yes, I like all your ideas droidegg and also maybe in profile there can be a clan section where all your clan members are listed and then a friends section where you can just have anybody you like in it. This would also make it easier to get together with clan members.
I like the idea. but if say I made a clan. I don't want people to tell me what the ranks are.
Isn't it possible to add the choice "hide rank", then only clanmembers can see the rank.

I agree on every point in this and all other threads suggesting this.
@Eggspsplash666,yeah that could be a choice but a rank goes to show your level,so why not show it?
As always, full support of a Clan Control System.
The logos are a nice touch, something I had not thought of before
I would prefer it though if we were able to name the titles and ranks of members of our own choosing. (Not everyone may want to adopt the same system/method)

You are right, it will help promote Clan Wars. I personally think that the reason a lot of the clans, (or the desire for joining a clan) is dying down, is because there is nothing for the clans to aspire for. (Other than having a lot of members).

I know it is slightly off-topic but, Clan wars is something that many of us have been anticipating. I think the winning Clan, (the entire clan) should win a medal/badge of some sort. It will really make people want to be in one. But the idea will never work properly unless we were given Clan Control...over who is allowed in the clan.

(12-24-2013 12:51 AM)scifen Wrote: [ -> ]instead of going to profile > friends for clan you can goto profile > CLAN and it will have 2 option: request to join clan OR create your own..

Exactly Scifen
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