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Welcome to the MOW† Clan Thread!

Hi im Shaun Shepard, this clan is called MoW†, standing for Masters of War
[Image: dpuloa84451.jpeg]



1. Do not disrespect other clans, for I do not wish to have any type of form of war
2. Stay loyal to the clan, and I ask this nicely
3. Do not cause trouble on forums, because it reflects on the clan, forum already has enough problems as it is.
4. Have fun with our clanSmiley_Nod
5. Do not recruit members without my authorization


For recruiting I want to inform you of what will happen when your in recuitment. I or any of my head members will not recruit you on sight, if you ask, you will might be chosen based on skill, not level, im not against levels, just how good you are.

Classes, Promotions, and jobs

The Leader is me of course, but under me shall be co-leaders

The Co-Leader will be the person I trust the most in this clan, it will be someone who's been loyal from the beginning to the end, they will have certain jobs other members don't, such as mine, possibly in my absence, they have the power to recruit and kick

Members Jobs:

1. Lieutenants
If we ever have a clan war, they will be the first to step up, there can only be up to 5.
2. Junior Masters
Another name for just members, they have chances to upgrade to certain jobs, more jobs will be later updated, but they will have a chance, but they will have to earn it


As for chatrooms, when i get enough members, ill create a chatroom

As for allies, I will need your complete trust, you will have to be a friend, all of our members must respect eachother

People who have threatened us or bullied or disrespect us, will be our enemies, hopefully it never happensSmiley_ThumbsUp

If you would love to join just pm me!Smiley_Tongue
Ill find members in-game as well, since i've noticed people barely get on here and join newer clans instantly
Good Luck with your clan shaun
Its kinda MeoW (master eggs of war) Good luck anyways Smiley_Wink
Whilst i must admit there are similarities, but its still a clan
goodluck with ur clan man
Good luck with your clan and have fun .Smiley_Tongue
thanx guys
Good luck Smiley_Smile
The best of luck with your clan Smiley_ThumbsUp
Good luck with the clanSmiley_ThumbsUp
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