Full Version: BEO1 nades only mode (updated)
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A party mode where you can only use only grenade type weapons (splurge grenade, napalm grenade, cluster grenade, poison grenade & grenade) you can get randomly one, or change by hitting (like arms race) and not including the controlled ones like homming cluster, or devils hand.
They don't update BEO1 anymore, sadly. As I've raed they're working now on a big project, and maybe when the game will be out BEO2 will be also outdated lol (Not literally).
He wants it in BEO2. Not BEO1.
AHEMMM its a she, Thats a great idea HeruJrocker keep them coming
Oh. Okay. Oops. Well, I've made a thread about something like this already..., something that is relatable to the thread.
But good idea! HeruJroker!
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