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Hello I'm 12T the leader here at the 2EZ™ Clan. The name means that almost all games are too easy for us. We have people from all over the world in our clan (as far away as Australia, Spain and the Netherlands) and all walks of life , from low teens to 60+ years old (guys and girls).
Contact me or one of my members for a chance to join us! I will challenge any mobile clan who thinks they can beat us to war (3v3 with 3 games our settings and 3 games your settings)

The clan keeps in touch on our clan chat. Pm me for the code

1: Be respectful to one another
2: Be Active
3: Don't leave anyone out
4: Be Loyal

1. Low/Random gravity and wind skills required.
2. Players must pass the guest test ( 5 games vs me on a guest account) player must beat me (guest) 5-0 or you will be declined.
A minor question, What's with the prestige requirement? Prestige level has nothing to do with skills and availability. Some of the best people in this game aren't even prestige 4, or even prestiged at all. This applies in general but it especially applies when you say that wind and low g is a must.

Also reposting your original thread and technically replacing it with this one isn't a good way to start, because people need to be aware of your pre-official history. Persons who join clans usually want to be well-aware with that. Would be wise to put the link at the bottom to the original thread.
Thanks for the reply L93! We will make some exceptions to the prestige retirements if they have great skill.
8-stonelockers is a shared account bruh....

F†i™ are ready for the war its been a long time its your clan who ignore our requests (scared probably).
We are ready to war. You deleted me because you are scared so idk how to invite you now.
Oh lol like if u dont have legend,motokid....etc in your freinds list..bruh excuses lol me who scared now? That why you leave my 1v1's...... loser find me in a party game ill add u.
Add a Chatroom so you can talk with your members. Make art also for this clan

And war will come soon between us.
Are you putting their prestige to try to show off u got a high player.

Put the chatroom here on the top of the page.
Our chat is for members only so I'm not posting it to where everyone can join. Yeah why not be proud of getting maxed out players who are good?
(07-20-2016 08:12 AM)12T Wrote: [ -> ]I have a chatroom already. And also we welcome a new 10th+ prestige member today. Thanks Alex for joining!

Wow your clan is full with shared accounts i can change the clan tag everytime i want, another shared account Alex lmao ill report this to the admins ssharing accounts its against rules.

P.S: u say proud of having a lot of prestige 10 level doesn't matter lmao most of mobile players are noob at random gravity and wind its the truth and i have proofs also give me just 1 good member at hard settings on mobile they all play normal and thats sad when i find prestige 10 and he miss shots at least at low gravity only.

i already seen a screenshot in the chatrroms of a member only prestige 6 of fti beating you so bad its almost a flawless game lol i can post the ss here if u want Smiley_Wink

see thats why i tell you that lvl doesn't matter a little aadvice pass a test of your members bbefore letting them joining thats bad to see you add poeple and probably beg them to join your clan lol....
Want me to post my screenshots of beating your members because I have been saving them just for that. I play random and wind most of the time btw. And I didn't know they were shared so why dont you go be another tattletale and try to get more people banned.
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