Full Version: 2 New Backround Badges (ideas)
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So for me i think they should make a badge that you get when you kill someone 10 times with dynamite and it look like the word dynamite with a red, yellow and orange backround

And they should make one for killing someone with killing someone 10 times with Egg-seeking misslie and it looks like a misslie with an bad egg on the side of it and it is blinking red and looking for the nearest egg by

hope you like this threadSmiley_SmileSmiley_BigGrinSmiley_BigGrin
I advise you to strengthen your thoughts and ideas with pictures. Also please make one thread for all your ssuggestions to avoid getting more warning .
Ok i will
Don't they already have badges for killing someone 10 times with those weapons?
No dynamite goes up to 5 kills and egg-seeking misslie goes up to 5 aswell
You get this badge for 10 kills with the dynamite:
[Image: 9AwUMo1.png]

And this one for 10 kills with the egg-seeking missile:
[Image: 4wMqWTe.png]
ARE YOU SERIOUS? I never knew about the existence of that sheep badge... Oh lord, I need it right now...
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and all weapons go up to 10 kills.
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