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So you guys you know i made a weapon pack 11 before i deleted it because i didn't like it so this is my new weapon pack 11

Bubble Gun
you have and bubble gun and you shoot lots and lots of bubbles
and you shoot it and the other egg.
40 dmg

it kinda like the pan but you go up to them and you zap them.
35 dmg

Balloon bombs
you have to have good accuracy for this weapon you let a balloon go and in 5 seconds mini bombs come down cool initCool

Fire bomb gun
it's and gun thats shoots 3 fire balls at your egg and it does 10 dmg and your on fire for 5 turns and it takes away 5 each turn
35 dmg

Poison spray
you have a spray and it has a skull with bones on it and you sparay it at the other egg and it does 10 dmg and it last's for 6 turns but does 3 dmg each turn
38 dmg

that's all if you liked it reply and if you think i need to add things reply as well plz
Dude your ideas are really rushed and not thought about like that laser it just an op pan Rip
Nice that you always have ideas to share and we're glad...
Keep adding ideas, until we figure out new game weapons.
Good ideas Smiley_Smile
Quite OP; they sound like paid versions of common weapons with 50% more damage. Which is a bad idea.
OP weapons But bubble gun is good Smiley_BigGrin
thank you Smiley_Smile
Nice ideas, but a whole pack that has a damage from 30-40 is kinda OP.
- Maybe edit the damage.

Nice idea again, - Epic
Nice weaps i can imagine them in my mind Smiley_Tongue
Great Idea's! Man, i want a new pack the game slowly dieing but a new pack will make this game fire!
thanks guys Smiley_BigGrin
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