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I think bad eggs should add new badges like you need to go on any maps and try and find the badges if you get all seven of that perticular badges you get the badge

And some you need to go to join friends when your just about to go make a bad eggs game and then type badge and then it takes you in a 1v1 that you need to win 3 times againts the 3 dragons (the computer controls the dragon) that are quite tricky to beat but its possible to win 3-0 3-1 3-2 like that and i'll continue this thread on New Badges 2Smiley_SmileSmiley_Smile
A lot of suggestions from you.....interesting .
It would be better to contain all similar ideas on one thread to reduce the risk of spamming (i.e. all weapons ideas on a weapons thread, all map ideas on a maps thread, etc.).
Yeah i like making suggestions
(07-15-2016 05:29 PM)wonderfulness Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah i like making suggestions
We know that u like making suggestions and thats great keep it up but it will be better if u ccreate ONE thread then post on it all your cool suggestions.

U got a warning probably for that.
He won't get any warnings. His ideas are separate from each other; however, ideas of the same type should be contained within 1 thread, just for ease of reading and continuity.
Ok if you say so tenchi
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