Full Version: New Features (to add)
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I think bad eggs should make a new map you can unlock for like winning 10 games in the carstle and for it to be a bit tricky and fun lost temple ain't hard at all its easy i don't really like it that muchSmiley_Shake they should make a map called The Kitchen where there is like some kitchen stuff like a tea spoon like a small one and a fork and knife a a mixing bowl (but not too big though) some thing like that

And plus they should make a leaderboards the highest win streak every month or something like that to check who has the highest win streak or maybe if you want to try and get in the 10 pages on the leaderboard Smiley_SmileSmiley_Smile
I think they should add new maps and weapon packs in general.

And also leaderboards for highest win streak promote boosting (cheating with an alt account) a lot more than XP ones.
The kitchen map is a great idea. Good thoughts.
Nice ideas.

(Ftihochou suggestions comming soon.)
Maybe put on a beach map with seashells and rocks and other beach stuff like sand castles
hey I like these ideas man, a cool map to add would be the graveyard, if we go back to bad eggs 1 and take back the old graveyard map from bad eggs 1 and put it on bad eggs 2 with all bad eggs 2 stuff on there, it would be a cool map
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