Full Version: Make Other player names Transparent
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As you see in the picture his name was covering a little part of terrain but luckily I didn't hit it. But I think there name should become transparent as well

[Image: 1387659585-clip-27kb.png]
Yeah, that could be helpful in situations like this...
i really hated that idea about the transparant name when it's your turn. i dont want more. Smiley_Angry
I wouldn't like this. I already dont like the transparency we have now and i wouldnt want more.
It may be helpful in a select few situations but the majority of the time, it is useless.
Said in a respecful manner, not hating, just saying my opnion.
Kind Regards,
its like 2mm of map its covered get over it its not that improtant
I like the idea and if u are shooting with low power it will be really helpful.

However only hide the other players name when it is disturbing your aim.
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