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Hey guys welcome to clan Beasts In Action. We are a new clan and we are here to strive to get better and recruit the best members possible. We are here to stay and try our best to earn everyone's respect on the forum. We always try to play with our members as much as possible when they are on and active. We try to get them set up in chat and stuff but if they don't want too we don't force them. We hope we will be a good clan. Hope you enjoy the clan thread.

[Image: olpdua8041c.png]

Clan Leader:




Clan Officer:



[size=medium]Member Earnings:

Every 2 months a member that has been in the clan for 2 months will get a 1 beside their name and then 4 months they will get a 2. That is how we are going to keep up with how long they have been in the clan.

How Clan Positions Are Earned?

Leader: Cannot be earned the person who made the clan is the Leader

Co-Leader: It is earned by being in the clan a long time. Being nice and respectful to everyone. Helps recruit members and is active a lot. Also helps run the clan and is a good member and will never leave the clan.

General: It is earned by being very helpful and not starting fights in game. Also earned by stop people from fighting in game. Also helps recruit and make art.

Clan Officer: Its earned by being active and recruiting people if I give you permission. All they do is play with clan and recruit.

Member: Its not earned. You become a member as soon as you join. Your also a member until you have earned a different role.

Clan Rules:

1:Always be respectful in game to all people
2:No Spamming(Like:gkgkdjgksg,That is what I Mean)
3:No Clan Hopping
4:Must Always Have Clan Tag On
5:Be Nice To All Members
6:If Members Get Into Fight We Will See What Caused The Fight
7:Never Be Mean To Allied Clans
8:Have Fun In Bad Eggs

[Image: odapul80427.png]
Clan Chat
Rules for ChatRoom:
1:We mainly only let members into our clan and if we all agree we will let some more people join
2:We will get you an instant invite as soon as your ready
3:No spamming in chatroom
4:Have fun in the chatroom and be yourself.

How We Have Clan Wars?

1:We do a 2v2 or 3v3
2:We play 3 games our settings and 3 games your settings
3:We don't need to argue in the games
4:Say Good War to the clan who won.

Clan War:
BIA™ vs •‡•™
1-0 our settings
They left the game

Our Honorary Members:




Our Allied Clans:


How to join our Clan?

1:Can be any level just has to be skilled at settings we play
2:Must be good at low gravity or low gravity and wind
3:Must always have positive rep +5 cant be below
4:Your IGN Name
5:I you have pro or not
6:Which packs you got?

Picture of the Week!!!

[Image: Screenshot_78.png]

[Image: padulo80524.png]
Why a downloaded chat? Many people who may be interested in joining, might also be put off by the fact that they would have to install something on their computers just to be a part of the clan.
ok I will talk to the rest of the clan and see what they say
Nice clan bro Smiley_ThumbsUp
Can I join ur clan
idk you can try out if you want
Sure I'd love to be in ur clan I'm lvl 44+
ok I will pm you about it and thank you fern
Haven't you already made a clan?

And that art work isn't legit (If you are confused, Than I'd gladly explain)

Good luck I guess.....
(06-21-2016 12:51 AM)Call-Me-Epic Wrote: [ -> ]Haven't you already made a clan?

And that art work isn't legit (If you are confused, Than I'd gladly explain)

Good luck I guess.....
Am confused also good luck Smiley_Shocked
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