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(06-21-2016 07:01 AM)TNT_1 Wrote: [ -> ]lol what FTI did to you?
Anyways good luck.

Look man your my bro and all but, You cant say to them leave our thread alone and than do it to theirs. I don't care if they did it first, There is no reason for this. Today's world is just insane... really


(06-19-2016 03:59 AM)TNT_1 Wrote: [ -> ]Tmills,fernando,dark and everyone who is in their side leave this thread and leave us alone.

Everyone needs to stop stirring stuff up
ok ok listen to the smart guy (yeet) but epic might be right alva and tj got banned because of thier loud mouth so id rather stop now

Welcome our Newest Police007! and Malone01!

Remember to read the rules hope yall have fun with us! If you dont know about the rules here is the url.
that looks great welcome guys
TY dark im doing it for the clan
Love to float this out there but I have nothing against Fti
It was a mistake that chou kicked you guys (Fernando and Dark)
This post is for helping you out.

If you dont want clan hopper in the clan then you should do a test.
The player who wants to join clan must:
-Pass the test of your settings(every set you want)
-And when he passes the test you should tell him to put clan BIA* and after 2 week he can put normal tag and proove he will stay to the clan.
(06-20-2016 01:54 PM)Dark_Reaper Wrote: [ -> ]
Every 2 months a member that has been in the clan for 2 months will get a 1 beside their name and then 4 months they will get a 2. That is how we are going to keep up with how long they have been

[Image: odapul80427.png]
Here is the download link for pc:

Wow you copyrighted some stuffs from FTI thread its okay thats not bad i feel happy Smiley_BigGrin
Omg i just noticed our clan in your enemy list waw why? oh all that just for kicking u/all out of the clan? no fair but tjmills must take responsibility for that he said ":cencored: this im out me and reaper fern and thivesHd" since he is your freind yall will leave with him otherwise i didn't added u all at the list of kicked/banned members i knew you guys were about to leave its fine now i dont have any problems with you all now, i helped yall with a lot of things im ready to help again; good luck with your new clan; peace Smiley_Wink
wow tj said that Smiley_XD ok That was wrong but its ok chouSmiley_ThumbsUp
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