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Hey Dark man Take me off the co leader because i dont play anymore so i dont want to be part of beo2 anymore....
BIA is alive again and I have recruited a lot of new members. I'm going to start updating the thread and everything again.
and is see you bought the blue whale finally HAHA
Can I join your clan?
you can try out I will pm you when I get home
Happy new year from your allies The Project Clan.
We hope that this alliance stays as strong as it is now.
So, I speak for all of us in TP when I say we are happy to have a 2017 with BIA as an allie.
As always, have a great day and in my case, a great rest of 2016!
Alabamas1 2nd leader of The Project Clan
alright thanks The Project happy new years eve
Woahhh its been so long since i have posted Smiley_Shocked
It's time for a return and I am returning back to Bad Eggs!!!
Welcome back.....
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