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This is E.W.Z™ original clan thread.

E.W.Z™ stands for Eggs War Z

[/color]Clan Rules
The rules are simple
1)Dont swear 30%
2)Dont begin a war with other clan (only leader and co-leader does that)50%
3)Dont talk bad to other players 70%
4)Dont break any of this rules 90%

Members list


None yet
None yet

Major Members
None yet
None yet
None yet
None yet
None yet
None yet
None yet


Banned Members(Kicked members)

Clan wars
(None yet want to fight us?)

(Still looking)

To join you need to:
Have +5 rep
Inform us level,weapon packs
Inform us about old clans you were to

We dont care about level only for skills

This is Egg War Z
So you need to be afraid.
Good Luck With Ur Clan Smiley_ThumbsUpu need to add more things to ur thread like chatrooms...
I will add chatrooms soon.But thanks
Best of Luck with your clan!!! You can contact me if you need any help!!!
Good to see u again bro, welcome back, good luck to your clan
Thanks for your good words Smiley_Smile
Good luck with your clan.
Good Luck With Your Clan, PM Me If You Guys Ever Need Any Help With Anything Smiley_BigGrin
Good luck with your clan. Smiley_Tongue
Goodluck with your clan.
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