Full Version: BeO2 New Updates!
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Hello guys this update is not available on android and pc yet so hes available only on ios at the moment.

this update containnew 3shells and a system for automatically connecting if u get disconnected. It wont let me see the pictures idk why. But i hve only this screen shot from an ios device .

Spoiler :
[Image: cXN5pFM.jpg]

[Image: hhkdQGH.jpg]

What do u think about the new updates?
Smiley_Sad its not working bro i have the ios and its say Unable to connect.i[Image: OlsnkPx.png]
So are the updates coming or nah?
Yes i think so but the weird is we can t see the update on pc :'(

edited: Now im stuck in the login page without playing by the way i cant play beo for unknowed time.

Finally the first look at the new Jhon and Rob designs good joob !!

[Image: jNwPlMT.png]
The updates are available on pc Right now!!
Looks like there may be a strange connectivity issue for some iOS devices right now (but not all). We believe we have fixed the problem but unfortunately it requires a new upload to the app store (which we are doing right now). Hopefully we will be able to get this new build pushed through quickly so that the issue doesn't stop you playing for long!

Thanks for the quick response
Great job Rob and John i love the new shells!!!

Spoiler :
Jach is gonna buy fat whale!
(06-03-2016 11:05 PM)Don Vito Corleone Wrote: [ -> ]Jach is gonna buy fat whale!

lolllllllllllll hunny ur rlly amusing me with ur divorce pischologie

Maybe I'll buy Wally too.
Lol great update, john and rob donkin
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