Full Version: Bad Viking On 3D!!!
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Hi eggs its bad viking on 3D Smiley_Sun
---Finally I made the Bad Viking Model in 3D
I hope You like it, and I will Post soon as possible the video of 3D Bad Viking model where Im gonna showing You all the personage / model detail and more graphics "I can't put all this in a gif otherwise I will find myself with 230 mb of frames and it's impossible to manage so I decide to make a separated video"--- Smiley_Smile

[Image: ljIy0y8.jpg]

3D "GIF"

Spoiler :
[Image: qvtxpau.gif]

Awesome!!! Great job man!!!
Thnx man
WOW, looks awesome!
Nice work keep it up Smiley_ThumbsUp
ty so mutch
Cool Design!Smiley_RockOn
Smiley_Smile Thanks dude
Cool design, keep it upSmiley_ThumbsUp
Nice drawing as always, we wanna see more. Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_Nod
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