Full Version: dirt gun and dirt remover
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how about a gun that cause 20 damage and while doing that it dirts a person
and a dirt remover that removes the dirt with out self damage and 10 damage to the nearest person
I can't speak for any others, but we really don't need anything to remove dirt. I, for one, use it as a shield when I have ghost bow and railguns. With those and the healing weps (and occasionally the flame thrower), there's no need to move and the dirt simply protects you from ballistic weapons.
We don't need this. Also there's a lot of weapons that you can break through the dirt and still get damage on your opponent (can't think of the names) but the weapons that shoot multiple explosive bullets.
I'd use the lightning to tunnel out.
You can teleport!!! Omagerd who knew.
we can teleport away from insides of mudball or use multimissile, repeater, sonic boom or lightning gun (reqs pack 1 or pro) to make hole to shoot and get shot.
its not even nice to create a gun that he can remouve the dirt!
The remove dirt weapon i would not mind i need that when people have 3 dirt bombs and i teleport and they do it again i escape again with a weapon that doesn't damage me much and they do it again. Smiley_Sad

Most of the time i never get heal's wep's...
yea some get very lucky on getting mudballs and defending against 2-3 mudballs in 1 vs 1 is difficult.
how did this post got posted
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