Full Version: suggest for pack 11 remake
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Pack 11 idea new

1.Scythe-Get close to the enemy using scythe that deals 25 damage and adds a damage overtime bleed,bleed deals 5 damage over time and lasts in 3 turns.Scythe![/align]
2.Snowflakes-Throw a snowflake at your enemy dealing 26 damage and chills the enemy in 5 freezing!
3.Present-Throw a present box at your enemy and explodes in 5 sec that deals 35 damage.same as dynamite but more heavier and stronger.This is so heavy!
4.Napalm gun-shoot a napalm to your enemy that deals 15 damage plus fire damage every turn fire last for 3 turns.Im burning!
5.Anvil-throw a heavy anvil to your enemy that deals 30 damage.cling!
We've already got the napalm strike and 4 ice weapons (bow, TNT, avalanche, dragon wep), so I don't think that those will be viable options.

The presents were another BEO1 weapon (that I'd love to see brought back) and worked similar to DFA, napalm strike and the like. But it was part of a Christmas-themed weapon pack.

The scythe sounds like the egg timer of doom, but with a slightly better balance. The original was a grim (egg) reaper who randomly appeared and dealt 50 damage to 1 player. The one problem I see is the lasting effect; instead of a "bleeding" type, it could be more "poison" in that you get a plague.

As for the anvil, how heavy would it be? Would it be something similar to the weight of the TNT or old boot?
anvil's weight is similar to tnt
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