Full Version: Suggestion for new pack 11
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Pack 11 Weapons list suggest

1.lightning storm-Throw a balls of clouds the rises up above then release a big lighting below it.Bzzzzt
2.Acid Bomb-An acid bomb that explodes in 3 seconds and make an acidic floor and causes damage to the nearest melting!
3.Whirlwind-Whirlwind can make a egg fly and takes damage after it flying
4.Weilding Shield-Makes you invulnirable in 2 turns 1 use only.Im invincible
5.Spear-Throw a Spear at the enemy dealing 35 damage to an egg

I wish this could help too Smiley_BigGrin


Agree if you want this pack Smiley_BigGrin
NICE ideas Smiley_ThumbsUp
1.lightning storm- It was a weapon back in BEO1. It could be re-added and most people would like that, it was a crowd favorite.

2.Acid Bomb- we've already got the splurge grenade, it's more or less the same thing.

3.Whirlwind- No...we've got mass teleport, we don't need a wind weapon (unless it's the tornado from BEO1).

4.Weilding Shield- This was a power-up in BEO1, they were removed because they didn't do anything for the game, nobody used them because they used up a turn and had no actions. The dirt ball we have now is different (and better), instead of protecting yourself, you can block and/or protect enemies/team-mates.

5.Spear- Sounds like an over-powered knife (the triple knife does 36 and the regular knife does 18, just for comparison).
Tenchi i didn't really play beo1
There's already a lightning storm weapon in the game, it comes with the black dragon shell.
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