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Donkin's love themes right? I mean c'mon just look at how they like to release new shells with backgrounds (that we still can't use in-game Smiley_Angry)

My idea is that each map has it's own music theme to go with it. There are only a finite amount of maps, 41 to be precise, excluding random maps. It would take a lil bit of work, sure. But i believe it would REALLY make people want to play certain maps just for the music, as well as increase the intensity and enjoyment of playing the game for everyone.

Think of how fun it would be to have a grungy jungle theme playing in the background while you slice your enemy up with some triple knives on the jungle/vine map. Or a busy Flight of the Bumblebee tune playing while you are in the beehive map. The choices are endless.

Should the Donkin's find this overwhelming or difficult, I'm 100% sure there are plenty of audio savvy individuals who would be more than willing to help in this regard.
I love it. I would have to try and do some sampling and looking into it, as I might be able to make some music, I can't tell you for sure. We're you thinking a minute to a minute and a half piece that is just repeated over the battle? The actual donkins theme song for beo2 is a minute and a half.
Nice suggestion Smiley_ThumbsUp
Yes laser my friend, that is precisely what I mean. A short theme played on a continuous loop
This idea seems amazing, because the game does get slightly boring with what it seems a drum playing in the background of every map?

I 100% support this idea, and hopefully the donkins will think about it Smiley_Tongue
Can they add OMG Hello to the candy map *MusicStartsPlayingBobbingOfTheHeadBeggins*
We could have "Jesus loves me" for the Heaven map. I'd vomit if that happened.

It never will though because the idea will never happen. I like the idea though.
All of the songs that they added would have to be copyright free or have permissions from owner, which is why it would have to be all community made music from the forum, or by the Donkins.
This idea is a fantastic one, this should absolutely be implemented. Hope that the game developers think about this.
Great idea Vex!
Even though i play with sound/music off Smiley_XD
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