Full Version: Remove plasma cannon
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No way that this weapon is balanced or was good idea to put it in the game in the first place.
It just does too much dmg, no games are fair if someone gets it. And everyone can get it, absolutely for free, any noob can kill you if you don t go first.

I hope i m not the only one who thinks it was a bad thing
Plasma cannon can deal 50+ damage easily on big explosions. And since everyone plays with this ridiculous setting it is overpowered. But if you play on normal explosions it won't deal more than 45 damage (same as DFA).

I wouldn't remove it, but maybe consider lowering the damage of each plasma explosion to 10 instead of 15.
It's fine. The average someone does on 1 egg is 30 damage. Only rarely will it do 45. And if there's 2 eggs next to eachother and you fire it in the middle of them it'll do an average of 60. Only if their against a wall and if there's double explosions will it do more then that.

If you make it 10 instead of 15, the average damage for the weapon will be 20. That's pretty bad to me.
I agree with you bossr Smiley_ThumbsUp
"Any noob can kill you if they go first"

Brings me back to the 2 whirligigs on military training map back on beo1. If you went first, gg.

Like other have said, this weapon is not the easiest to use, nor does it do that much damage when it is not on big explosions.

Try playing without big explosions some more, and play with wind or more challenging maps.
"Noobs" Need a chance do they not?

It may annoy me sometimes, And it is Overpowered

But if you against someone like me 8)
They WILL need that weapon

No, this weapon's use is quiet unknown to noobs... they will try to shoot at your egg, not surrounding it, doing 5 damage... So if the user is a noob then the weapon is quite useless.
Its very OP with bouncy walls.... but removing it no.. just "NERF" the gun

I love the gun animation i would not want it to leave Smiley_BigGrin

And for the "NEWBS" LOL Yea its good that they can finally have a OP weapon unlike all the people with pack's and PRO.

But in my opinion it need to be nerfed also some people will get like 3 or 2 plasma cannon try making it 1 instead because like it is 3 will end the game in NO TIME!!!

even with health like 200 also other options like bouncy wall and x2 explosion Thats is DESTRUCTIVE POWAHHH Smiley_RockOn
You don't need to make the damage less.

There are tons of weapons that are considered over powered.

Like the gas can, it can do 180 damage if all 3 players are against a wall on wind.

The plasma ball. You get like a free 30 damage

The falling elephants and meteors are also considered overpowered.

The plasma cannon is fine the way it is.
We intend to nerf the plasma cannon slightly in a future update, so enjoy its power while it lasts!
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