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Welcome to Poseidon's Signature Shop
[Image: poaudl7ace9.jpeg]

So I kinda made this thread because I have some type of aptitude for making signatures for people, even just for fun, so if you want a signature, just comment below for now, I may have some organized plan for requests later on.

So here are some examples of Regular Banners
(My signature is on the banner, it's optional if you don't want itSmiley_BigGrin)
[Image: udaplo7acea.jpeg]
[Image: loupda7aceb.jpeg]
[Image: 2cq0inq.jpg]
So here is an example of a GIF banner:
[Image: aodupl7a857.gif]

Request go down in the comments temporarily

Recent Creations:
[Image: 2cq0inq.jpg]
[Image: dalpuo7aff7.jpeg]
[Image: pdoaul7aff8.jpeg]
Goodluck thanks for mine I won't be wearing it because I have this one currently but maybe some other time
and you should put your signature like vexis does it, the corner and put "PSDN" or "PS" to make it short.
Nice art dude!!
Can you make me one? Mine got deleted for some reason.

Somewhat like brosef stalins, but put Cyrex and do pres 2 fav wep : mortar

please and thank you
Thank you and ok Cyrex will do, but i got an orchestra concert i gotta do in a couple of min
As one artist to another let me give you some advice, ALWAYS put some form of signature on your artwork. Whether it's your real name, real initials, digital name or digital initials.
Plagiarism sucks.

I'd like to see more work from you, and should you ever need any assistance with anything let me know. I am unable to use a computer at the present time, but I'm always full of ideas and good advice.
Keep reaching for the stars and you will grab the moon.
THanks vexy, thats why I put the signature, and plus burn told me tooSmiley_Smile
Nice to see you making signatures now! Hope to see more from you Smiley_Wink
Thanks hidden Smiley_Smile
You have a great style!! Smiley_Shocked
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