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Alright So my name is complete trash (deeznutsinyomout Smiley_Shake)

And well... for a long time, I wanted to change it
Heres the Idea :

For about 10 credits, you are able to change your name to any name
that has not been used. It would be at the right under quality and trails

I mostly Just want it 10 credits, comment if you think the Price will go up or down.

and Have a history of what names you have had?


What are you doing down here silly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Smiley_Trollface

It would prob go up to about 100 or 200 do to the fact that name changing is big in a 1 permanet name game or it to me its a good idea tho!
suggested few times before and shotdown due it being abusable.
Even if you say "names that haven't been used", there's always a way around it and that's where the abuse of the system comes in (just as egg said).
Yeah but I mean, Like if you put in a name that has been already used via registration, then will say *This name is unavalible
Would never work and people may forget who you are and delete you
To many disadvantages really : /
Nice idea though
Also to add.

Have a user name history, yes?

(Previous names you had.)
(04-19-2016 06:00 AM)Cyrex Wrote: [ -> ]Also to add.

Have a user name history, yes?

(Previous names you had.)

As l said ln the first post still goes
I would like this idea in game!
This has been suggested before, it would be a good idea, but people would just make more inappropriate names
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