Full Version: what happened ?
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can not be take weeks trying to get to a new streak and the day yesterday I finally overcome my current streak with twice the above and right now when entering have nothing 's taken me time to do it and pass it on truth would be a waste of time and this happening to me this like 5 times but earlier were not as important as this took me hours to do it and it disappeared from nothing it is not fair
note : not lost when I go to sleep and leave it as it was right now leaves me as if I had done nothing anyone can explain me please what happened
Bruh that happens to mee always i dont try to get streak cuz everytime i lose it by lost in-game connection or sometime i get a high streak and tomorrow i find it on 14 or 10. Its cuz of the lowest connection i guess
if I leave it at 70 but this morning when I went to play was 9
I think it is not
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