Full Version: Team Skins
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Anyone else think that having the eggs' skins have the color of their team on it would be nice? I find it misleading when someone on the blue team has the red wizard skin on, and I think it would be nice if certain aspects of the shell skins were changed to vary depending on the team the player is on. For example, the Snowman's scarf would change color, the Wizard's outfit would change color, the Baby's binky would change color, etc.. And for eggs with no skins, you could change the eye color to match the team.
Id think that needed semms to be there Is a name with a colour on top
There's no need to make this kind of change as it's never a problem. To resolve the issue of who's on what team, you simply need to look at the name over the egg.
I never said it was an issue, I just think it would be a nice cosmetic change.
You do imply that it is an issue because "it's misleading when a person on the blue team is wearing the red wizard shell". While it would be interesting, it isn't something that we really need.
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