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Quite often when I invite one of my friends it says "This player is not online" when they are.
This happens so often. I don't know if they're bugged or the person that's inviting them is. Sometimes if I disconnect and re connect to the internet I can't do anything with my friends list, like delete someone or delete a friend request.
Easy, Log out then back in , other person has to do 2 problem solved

they need to fix this already....
I know. Only they have to log out and back in, but it would be nice if they didn't.
We plan to do something about this soon as part of the reconnecting update. This is actually a similar problem. What is happening when you see this message is that the other person has disconnected from a service room. This is the connection that you join in order to send invites so if they are not connected to it you will not be able to. We will add an auto reconnect as we have done for the main game.

Edit: This has now been implemented. It's not going to work 100% but it should massively improve things.
Awesome! Thanks!
No sir its still not fixed.

A friend of mine once invited me, after the game it showed that he is online, but when I tried to invite him, it says that he is offline, this is very much true.

Also after one day when I checked out his name in the friend tab, it showed that he was offline for 12 days, in spite him playing with me just the previous day.
If you were playing on mobile the fix has not been implemented on that version yet. Otherwise it may be the case that it is still not fixed.
No sir, I was playing on computer.
This error is definitely still happening in the web version.
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