Full Version: Xp requirement for lobbys ?
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Honestly we need some xp requirement's Smiley_XD Also maybe a game for only Pro members so its even

Example: like in game in lobby for starting a lobby like a thingie 2 put the xp requirement's also only Pro player's

and also this would mean you can't pass YOUR top xp just so it fair...

i know some lower and non payer player's can massacre some PRO's players
but still its not FAIR!!!

Wep packs are VERY OP [Gamer translation - OP mean's overpowered]
Paid shelled wep's also....

Also for the record I KNOW that PRO doesn't just mean player that don't have any like good wep's are considered garbage. im talking about the paid pro option not your SKILL...

I just had to get that straightened about before the hate comes....Smiley_Tongue
Supported it gets annoying when a bunch of level 10s who dont know how to play join.
This has been suggested before. It didn't happen, I forgot most of the reasons why but one of them was that a lot of people would do this, and it would be harder for non pro players to find a game.

There was also a pro only game in BEO1, but it's been removed when BEO2 came out, obviously.
Ahh that suck's well i guess it got be that way.....
It's difficult enough to find games that aren't x2 and jump. When you put in any kind of level/experience limitations, that could more than double the wait time for a game. Then, when people join and see it isn't the "good" settings, they leave and that makes the lobby sit around even longer.
Some people already tryed to do this lol

Not supported, everybody should be able to join the game they want. If this would be available, people who want to lvl up will set an XP limit, and players who want a challenge will set a high XP minimum, so players without a high amount of XP wont be able to join a pro game that they could win.
Level 10,s are baciscally ez
(04-06-2016 05:35 AM)Alejandrez Wrote: [ -> ]Some people already tryed to do this lol

Was it a 3v3, with 2 epic people on his team, and the rest were level 60's and 70's ? Smiley_Tongue Cause he did the same when I joined his lobby a while back...
also prestige players couldn't join matches if xp req would be 500k and player would have 200k xp.
the limit should be till lvl 30 any one above can join it
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