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BBG was carried to the god house were he flew back to the battle
What no one realized was that MacOb was a object that wasn't even alive, but was being controlled by Macab as the oracles stated twice before. And now Macab fled away to use dark, light, and the in-between magic's to retrieve his human body back.
But!! what macab didn't know you need a ancient item to bring back a body from the depth's of hell,he then had to go look for the ancient item which was located in the realm of darkness were he had to face his biggest enemy yet ...
Harred and Epic
BBG took Kirk as his wife gave her god powers to then see her kill Echo (L93), he cannot be revived EVER
They found out that Echo was an illusion and is actually in the spirit world with Macab helping him on his quest.
BBG joined cause he was bored
Then the crazed god of Lust Known as Zucheeneeze, stole kirkata and brainwashed her to think that a nice man with a afro like Christ was forbidden in the Garden of Dreamers.
BBG un-cursed her and whipped Zucheeneeze but then taking his powers as a god away. Her then took him Macab Kirk back to the fight against the devil but left Echo's dead body so e can rot and never live again
Macab was laughing at how foolish they were because Echo wasn't dead as the oracles explained.
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