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BBG ask the Romans if they need any help wich they reply he we need your sons help. BBG gives them help and he becomes a all might god that can never be killed ever

Also should I make a story thread cause I got good ideas

This will still be up tho
What they didn't know that Macob was just a life sized doll of Macab and was never alive the whole time, as I stated before. Thus the doll's cursed back fired onto the Romans.
Well back to jimmy he wondered what the hell is going on Gods and roman's and black guy's, WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [He yelled].......
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He yelled that he was done with this world in which Thieves steal from other homes, make a recording of it, and post it in HD quality....
God BBG saw this and told timmy he was the only one to fix the world but he had to kill the romans first....
Hearing this Timmy got insane and killed all the gods( BBG, Macab, Macob), Romans and everyone who can stand on his way to glory. He made a spell which converted all the people( including everybody-- Humans, Orcs, Elves, Dwarves, Nazis, Communists, Satan, God, etc.) in the world into evil minions, only the spirits of The Gods BBG, Macab, Macob and the Spirits of Romans remained pure. They decided to unite to fight the greater evil.

Note to JARVIS-- Say something which I don't know.
Timmy didn't relise he cant kill BBG but he forgave him and helped everyone so they could defeat the devil. During the battle Macob died as he was a demi-god and Timmy lost a leg.
Romans( now allied with Macab,BBG and Timmy against the Devil ) now organized a funeral for Macob, they also gifted an amputated leg to Timmy.
BBG gave timmy super speed wich he used to sabatoge the alliance and join they Devil
before timmy ran and did that he thought that wouldn't be cool so he ran back and carried BBG far away....
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