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ftihochou buried BBG and walked to kill MAcab on the sunrise.
But Macab slaughtered Macob the manikin. If you can call destroying an object slaughtering. And then flew away on his hot air balloon crying out "burn the witch" and wearing a bowler hat.
BBG used rejack and became a god and looked over his people. He helped macab
Roman legions under Servilius The Greatus Imperius then killed all of them , and made the dream well-protected so that no one can hack it again, they also sent a notice to God so that he doesn't help any of these fellows. So the Result------------

Decisive Roman Victory.
And only then the Romans noticed, that the internet connection they used, was provided by me. RIP...
Then they realized the Christ they were praying to was Macab, and he had a fond distaste for these savages known as "Romans" and sent rods of lightning and thrust up the earth and sea which swallowed them all whole.
The other God (BBG) told Macab that he was going to give the romans a arch enemy named TBWFM who can only be killed by getting hit on the foot Smiley_Trollface
Jimmy then woke up from this dream wondering what the "duck" just happened he then......
Found out it wasn't a dream and that he was knocked out. Meanwhile Gods BBG and Macab decided the time has come to make the Devil to torture the world and also give the young BBG mortal powers so he can defeat him. His pal (jimmy) was saved by him as he used his super speed to rescue him from the Devil after he took him when he was knocked out. Meanwhile Gods BBG and Macob are fighting an all might TRG but sadly Macob gets wounded by a 360 no-scope of trg's so they both retreat for now...
Romans, Deprived of all powers now call all their Gods, they tell them to side with TRG. Mars gives the blueprint of a machine which can hit TBWFM's feet, thus killing him. The weapon is known as ballista now. The remaining Romans then make a death potion and make Macob eat that, so that he can never be revived. The Roman Auxiliary Cavalry then chases the reincarnation of Jesus( Macab) and an amateur God named BBG( Big Black God).

And a Note to JARVIS--- Are you an ISP provider???
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