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But he time travelled again to his old girlfriend to the time they had babies and recorded it for his own use
The babies they adopted were of 2 porcelain dolls. They had eyes of pure black and smiled at them every time they stopped speaking.
But after they decided to have REAL babies one black one asain
Which is why they were arrested for cloning real children from the minds of bears and pigs.
They then realised they were being controlled and said they wanted to make babies with bbg and he said no...
How very racist to assume that "bbg" is in prison with them. Shame on you!

BBG then took them in the to the exercise facility of the prison and tried to lift their two Porcelain Dolls, but they dug into his stomach and laughed as he bled out.
When bbg died he used rejack to re-live and killed macob after
Then Macab walked over to Macob and stuffed Macob's corpse in BBG's body after he mutilated it.
After BBG got his body back he told macab to kill macob so they both can go on an epic journey to find Harred

But Macab and Macob killed BBG and danced when the moon came up.
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