Full Version: Heisenburg special (REALLY GOOD IDEA)
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It would severely unbalance the game...heck, I don't even think its possible to code abilities for eggs in a game like, it wouldn't be really fair and all. Maybe, JUST maybe...The damage could be slightly reduced, but even then, I'm still not in favour of this.
I don't really think we need more things giving advantage, like if this game wasn't sort of a pay-to-win already.

Let's remember what Rayvel said about this guy on the leaderboard... He defeated Rayvel because he (Rayvel) needs more than 10 seconds to set his precise aiming.
Then we can guess that the reason why this guy defeated Rayvel was because he was using easy weapons (and cheap shots obviously).
That's the very best proof that it doesn't matter if you are as good as Rayvel, if you buy the weapons you can do the same damage (or even more) than a real pro.

So, adding even more advantages for those who can afford the premium content, will also make the game lamer.

PS. Something like that is not hard to code, DragonBolt.
I don't know why you are mentioning someone... As not all of us know who he is.
Information won't be limited to what a single person knows. Now back to topic.
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