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I was checking the shop and I see that there is no stash ammo for the Plasma Cannon.

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Spoiler :
Maybe the admins should make able to get the Plasma Cannon as stash weapon on the daily spin and the shop (in the shop with the cost of 15 - 20 credits, as all red weapons) (but yeah, this weapon will be available there when you UNLOCK it) Smiley_Tongue.
They often wait a while before they put the new weapons into stash. They might not even put this one in it since it's a secret weapon.

EDIT: I just talked to L93 and he mentioned that weapon pack 9 and 10 aren't even on the wheel yet.
Dragon weapons are missing too.
Wow. I did not knew that.

Do you guys think that those weapons will be added soon? I guess they will.

(03-23-2016 07:52 AM)Jach Wrote: [ -> ]Dragon weapons are missing too.

It's curious because if I'm right, the U.F.O. it's abailable on the wheel but the Dragon weapons aren't. Smiley_Tongue

Then it's, technically, impossible to get all weapons' stash ammo. ;o
Stash weapons havn't been updated since before pack 9.
*cheers you a drink*
Here's to hoping though.
They will probably add it after some time, at least weapons from dragons and packs. Weapons from packs 7 and 8 also weren't available until some months after its release.
ufo can be gotten from wheel, i have few of it.
Well... they could add plasma cannon , but only for users who unlocked it.
(03-24-2016 05:42 AM)Oryx Wrote: [ -> ]Well... they could add plasma cannon , but only for users who unlocked it.
No it should be available for everyone, so people that don't have it can get a taste of the weapon Smiley_ThumbsUp
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