Full Version: Plasma weapon too over powered?
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Yes. It's there's no question about it. Every one is surprised it can do like 50. I shot it a few minutes ago. I wouldn't even consider it a good shot and it did -94! I am afraid of that gun now more than ever... Don't get me wrong. I like it, but just when I'm the one using it. Smiley_Smile
As i said before in the other threads that WEAPON is so Smiley_Censored hard Smiley_Nuclear i can. Say he is the best powerful weap in beo2 (For free !!!) Smiley_BadEgg
The ghost bow, and the gas can are sometimes really powerful, especially the gas weapon in wind. I don't think it's a problem. It's not like it's in a weapon pack. Anyone can get it.
The problem that I see with that weapon is that there is a huge difference on damage with x2 explosions enabled and disabled. What was your best damage with x2 disabled? What I saw it was about -55.
Oh yes. And I don't play with wind or gravity. And I'm always using x2. Makes game much funner for me. But anyways, -94 on a single player is still pretty scary Smiley_XD.
Not at all. That's very situational, you can only do that in a rare occasion, Walls need to be on and they have to be near the wall. It's the equivilant of saying the following:

Gas grenade is considered "overpowered" in wind. It can theoretically do 150 damage to a single egg. But on average it can do up to 90 on good placement to single egg. - Situational due to wind flow

Ghost bow is considered "overpowered" with wind and walls. It can do 56-72 damage if used right. - Situational due to wind flow

Falling Elephants are considered "overpowered" with x2 and walls as they do 50 or more dmg no matter what spread.

Devils Hand is considered "overpowered" as it's an easy 48 damage with a press of the space bar in any mode, versus the splurge grenade requires timed coordination dealing 55, or the napalm nade doing -25 + 3 turns fire, or cluster doing -35.

Plasma Bouncer is considered "overpowered" due to it's easy 36 damage without really needing to aim at the opponent in any mode.

Rc Swarm and Ice Dragon are considered "overpowered" with a driveable high damage (32 and 48). As compared to most of the stock weapons (standard aiming weapon: grenade does 20) these are clearly highly advantageous.

If you really think about it this weapon isn't "overpowered".

The only weapon that was really overpowered was the lightning gun in beta testing. Did 60 on any map, any settings, all you needed to do was walk to your opponent. In this case you need to aim the weapon and it's very situational.

And finally, if you aren't satisfied with it, you can always change settings to prevent the higher damage. As in normal explosions you can never close to the damage you described.

Also, it's supposed to be a secret weapon, for completing a challenge you should be able to get a weapon that does the same damage or slightly higher than a DFA and whirlgig. It's considered an award, just like finding the secret shell gives you 20 credits.

It isn't overpowered and whoever feels it is, is clearly overreacting as they haven't remotely considered it with the weapons above.
You forgot the grass cutter and the arctic barrage (not in damage, but it seriously disbalance the game).

Also for what I have tryed is not easy to aim correctly to deal that amount of damage.
Yeah its hard on average on hitting another player I do 30-45.
Can't you just be happy that we got a good free weapon?
maybe you can hit the gun up, and then to drop beside him. TRY it and tell us the results.

as you can see in front of you i damaged him 69- of his heart.
(03-18-2016 12:27 AM)Ṣọňǻ Ḉổốʟ Wrote: [ -> ]maybe you can hit the gun up, and then to drop beside him. TRY it and tell us the results.

as you can see in front of you i damaged him 69- of his heart.

He might want to go to a doctor now, that's a lot of heart damage.
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