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I've come up with what I think an idea everyone would love; and when I say everyone, I truly mean everyone. Are you ready for it? Prepare it comes.....

Spoiler :
Donkin's want money, players want credits. I've come up with an idea that will give each one of them what they want.

Every 24 hours a player can "sacrifice" one of their stash items (If you have 5 knives it would bring it down to 4) for 1 credit. BUT if you choose to do this, you are forced to click a link or watch a video ad. 1 credit per day would mean that a person would have to do this for 50 days just to be able to afford to get one weapon pack. On the flip side, think about how many times that ad is clicked on/viewed during that time?
I don't know a whole whole lot about how advertising in games are done, but I'm pretty sure the more people watch a video the more income it generates for the person(s) hosting the ad. If the Donkin's can get 1,000 people a day watching these videos or clicking ads or whatever then that would give the Donkin's more money in their pocket from advertisement.

Being that this would be a choice by the player, you aren't forced to look at ads or watch videos as you would find with many F.T.P. games. So if you don't want to watch videos, you don't have to!

This idea doesn't hurt anybody, and nothing in it is overwhelming. Everyone gets what they want.
One more thing, if this works like it does in my head, then that would also (hopefully) inspire the Donkin's to release new content on a more regular basis. More things to spend credits on + 1 credit per day + ads = money for Donkin's
#RichBoyz like me don't need it, but I think the new players that seek for free credits would appreciate this. Nice idea. Jach approves.
nice idea i like it Smiley_Smile
100% like this. Yes i buy my credits but free ones wont hurt since i never use my stash items. Smiley_Smile
Love this. Really hope this gets added.
We would actually really like to add something like this (adverts for credits would be ideal) but unfortunately the services that would allow us to do this securely are not currently integrated with the Yahoo/Player.IO service that we use. I've requested they add the feature before but they haven't Smiley_Sad
Oh geez nice idea tho !!
i will grow tired of if i will do it everyday ( i am so lazy ) BUT why not to do? GREAT idea vexis (As always Smiley_Tongue)
(03-17-2016 07:46 AM)Jach Wrote: [ -> ]#RichBoyz like me don't need it, but I think the new players that seek for free credits would appreciate this. Nice idea. Jach approves.

Can I join RichBoyz?

I'm eating at McDonald's dolla menu
nice idea.
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