Full Version: Plasma Cannon Death Animation?!?!?!?
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Well not sure if people noticed but.. if you kill someone with the Plasma Cannon its has like a sort of death animation Here's a vid... Smiley_XD

Its like you got vaporized !!! AWESOME!
Nice vid i liked it Smiley_BigGrin
Haha Thanks!
Never noticed anyway nice video man Smiley_Smile
Ahaha wow, really neat to see. I didn't get to play with it at all hardly today, so will definitely be looking forward to doing this.
Noce vid man the animation looks like teleport
That's cool. Maybe they'll ad new death animations for new weapons they give in future updates.
Dude i was at 100 and a dude hit me with it and i went down to 38 health D:
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