Full Version: why poeple share their accounts? :(
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already i was trying to invite him but i didnt find him in my freinds list!

yeah its my best freind he shared his account just to reach prestige 10! well a lot of player after creating a beo! account they type a incorrect email or a fake email after some matches they like the game then buy stuffs Cool lol and make a freinds ; finally he gave his PASSWORD then when he want to change it he cant Smiley_Dead
i advise the new beo players to enter a valid email! and TNX
you should report your friend's old account since sharing is against rules.
[Image: hUDWIKP.png]

Now his account will probably get banned. :/
it will if it gets reported as shared and found that its played by multiple players.
Report to the proper people (The Donkins) immediately if it is shared, the last thing i would want is another account flowing around going to waste and quitting games
already Done! Smiley_Smile
and why they share accounts, they do it cause they want to lvlup faster and are too lazy to do it proper way.
yeah ur right!
Sharing is caring Smiley_Trollface
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