Full Version: How to post a picture
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Well I have been having this issue where whenever I post a picture, send the text/thread and I see it it shows a bunch of text along with [img] aswell as my signature.. can you help and tell me how do I ACTUALLY post a picture as my signature or on a thread?
Copy img location,Paste it betwen [img] Paste im location here [/img]

doesnt work
[Image: ukwXXwl.gif]

You were using the exact url instead of the shortened image one. Try right clicking then clicking copy image address and post it using that.



give me a example ( what you put in )
your picture:

They need the i. and the photo type (whether it's .jpg or .png, or if it's a video .gif or .webm to work)

Now for the IMG codes

[Image: ukwXXwl.gif]

sounds easy enough right?
you mistake on ur last try was ur third bracket ' [ ' placement
you put it infront of the link instead of after.
link=link to image/ image address
[Image: ukwXXwl.gif]
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