Full Version: ghost bow
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Ok, you should have seen this shot:

[Image: ShMaSGJ.jpg?1]

If done well, you must deal 36 dmg. If you do it wrong, you deal 36 dmg to the opponent and 18 to yourself. But I have seen a friend doing that shot wrong and he dealed 36 to the opponent and 36 to HIMSELF.

[Image: 2GntoFx.jpg?1]
I took a screenshot in practice Smiley_BigGrin
In which way is this a topic which is considered to be a 'Bug Report', if you are believe that his ability should not be possible I believe that it was purposefully put in the game. Smiley_ThumbsUp
It could be possible to do damage on yourself going up as well as down, if it took long enough. But I don't think it's likely. It would be nice if they fixed it since people do that shot a lot, depending how rare it happens.
ive never seen that happen doing self damage on the way up, how is that possible?(just wanna know so i could know what to avoid doing)
When going up the arrow is already starting to make its way down and the slightest decrease in angle allows the damage to yourself to take place 2 times.
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