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I couldn't decide on the type of mouth i wanted, so i made two versions.

[Image: Explorer2_zpseooxuhla.png][Image: Explorer1_zpsudusfmve.png]

Was originally just going to put this in Fan Art, but came upon the idea that it would be great if it came with a weapon.

Whip - 15-18 damage.
Ability - Disarm. Randomly removes 1 weapon from your opponents weapon inventory. (Not including stash)
Range - 2/3 Length of Lightning Gun

Also, John D. if you ever see this, tell me something. Why do you use that reddish-brown to outline everything?
I've been trying my best to keep to your style when designing work, but I feel the outline is unnecessary.
nice otherwise but i'm against removing weapon.
good job i like the design. the hat looks really good
indiana egg is his name?
©Indiana? Of course not! Where would you get that idea from? Smiley_Wink

This is the Explorer! (not to be confused with Dora)
Jones looks pretty awesome! He needs to trim is beard tho..
ohhh big think Smiley_Shocked
(02-07-2016 06:34 PM)Sheldon235 Wrote: [ -> ]ohhh big think Smiley_Shocked

Take it as a compliment LOL
Nice job vexis Smiley_BigGrin
Great job vexis,i really like details on hat Smiley_Tongue
Nice. I prefer the first design, but they're both very good. The ability is sure to add some unpredictability to the game, as well as irritate opponents - I definitely support this!
Good work on the shell and ability!
(How much would it cost?)
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