Full Version: Secret Shell not fair for non forum users.
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There is nothing to worry about, the secret will vanish in a week or so.. After a week everyone will be telling each other and then everyone will find the secret.. And if they really want to find about the secret then they should join the forum.

@Scifen how exactly did you find out about the secret before Rob posted the clue? There is no way you could guess that..
He found it among the billion floating pieces of code and force unlocked it.
He's a hacker, isn't he? (I'm not saying that as a bad thing btw Smiley_Tongue)
(12-13-2013 10:32 AM)scifen Wrote: [ -> ]I had the Shell before it was released on forum but people who don't go on forum don't know how to achieve it unless someone tells them.

The shell is a reference to the game 'Hambo'! It's another BadViking game.

Of course it's fair, everyone has access to come to the forums and read the clue, you
could always direct your friends to the forums!
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