Full Version: No christmas credits
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Hey, I played for the 30 Christmas credits on December 25th and won a game. I won about 5, in fact. Still no credits. I check in a few hours later, at 1:00 am, and still no credits. I played a few games, STILL got no credits. I checked the news icon and it said it would be "awarded automatically upon winning one game on Christmas Day."

I already have 30 credits from Halloween. I was saving so I would have 60, enough to buy a weapon pack. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue?
It started in UK time. So you might have missed it. It's gone right now, i logged in at 4 o'clock PM WA state time and I didn't get anything.
The game uses UTC for all these things — for reference, it's currently 7:30 am UTC on the 26th.

@OP: you're in UTC-5, meaning that the game time is five hours later than yours. So if you did this after 7pm your time, it just didn't count because, for the game, it was the 26th already. This is not a bug.
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