Full Version: What do you think about the christmas update?
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I think it's pretty cool of Bad Viking to change the loading, logon screen, new skins and most importantly the 30 credits!
It's a nice holiday to spend with the family. (Honestly, online games are the last thing in my mind when it comes to Christmas.)
Wow, just logged on. It rocks, and I honestly think I will be getting all 3 shells, because they are awesome. Amazing work on this update imo.

Edit: Bought slappy, pondering on the other 2. I have 48 creds and to get them I need 50 for both Smiley_XD. Loan me 2 Rob? Smiley_Tongue
Love the shells! Going to buy credits now for them!

Going to buy the reindeer.

Troll2 made one for me in BEO1, but I love the BEO2 version more!

[Image: 6gg8k6.png]
On Christmas Day, when I get ITunes cards, Ill buy some credits for the shells. And a map pack or two maybe.
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