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To join our chatrooms on DISCORD u should pm (leader or co-leader or Moderator) to give you a valid code to join!

If you are in mobile download the app from Google Play Store(android) or Appstore(ios)
if ur using a pc download it from
if ur using a MAC download it from

Spoiler :
[Image: QFArc19.png?1]

-When u join the chat rooms please read the rules then go immediatly to main_clan_chatromm text there and read the topic of the channel before posting.

-When u join u cant chat u need to verify ur email so please enter a valid email, after verifying u can chat but u cant see the history of messages we should promote u as a member then u can see the history.

The Good Things in Our Chat rooms!

-we always do a clan wars with voice chatting
-we always play together with joining MUSIC voice chat so we can play and listening the music together
-There is a games made by our new bots "tatsumaki bot" like (scissors paper game and Coin flip).
-There is an art chatroom so u can post ur beautiful creatures!
And more Chatrooms!

[Image: URugNRg.gif]

F†i™ vs [email protected]

Spoiler :
Our Settings

  • 1st game 1-0
  • 2nd game 2-0

Their Settings
  • 1st game 3-0
  • 2nd game 4-0

Final Results:4-0 (Mobile war)

F†i™ vs 2EZ™

Spoiler :
F†i™ Won 2 Wars by default.

F†i™ vs K†K™

Spoiler :
Our Settings
  • 1st game 1-0
  • 2nd game 2-0
  • 3th game 3-0

Their Settings
  • 1st game 4-0
  • 2nd game 5-0
  • 3th game 6-0

Final Results:6-0(Mobile War)

F†i™ vs WD3™

Spoiler :
Random Settings
  • 1st game 1-0
  • 2nd game 1-1
  • 3th game 2-1
  • 4th game 3-1

Final Results:3-1(Mobile War)

F†i™ vs wCs™

Spoiler :
Their Settings
  • 1st game 1-0
  • 2nd game 2-0
  • 3th game 3-0

Final Results:3-0(mobile war) war stopped at their settings reason:they didn't want to play on our settings.

F†i™ vs wCs™ 2nd

Spoiler :
Our settings
  • 1st game 1-0
  • 2nd game 2-0
  • 3th game 3-0
Their Settings
  • 1st game 1-0
  • 2nd game 2-0
  • 3th game 3-0

Final Results6-0(mobile war)


F†i™ Logo

[Image: j1mCiSu.png]


-ns: nice shot.
-green jelly: ufo.
-microwave: lightning storm.
-pizza rollz: dragon breath.
-mom: cover me, help me.
-ice cubes: ice dragon.
– pp: ping-pong that means i have a pan or boxing glove
-fz: i hve freeze..
-pew pew :i hve gun.
-immortal:i hve health.

F†i™ Youtube Channel

We also have a youtube channel Please Subscribe and like Our Videos!

F†i™ Intro Video!!

F†i™ official Website

Visit our website for more information about the clan:

*We give Away Credits to our Very Loyal members for their Total loyalty to the clan!(Be a very loyal member by Reaching 6☆ and win 55 credits.)

F†i™ Secrets

[Image: JeUIGZc.gif]

-For being a very loyal member of course you should know abouT our clan secrets; this secrets will help you a lot.

F†i™ Rooms!

We enjoy playing together a rooms by using a same shell and same badge so we enjoy and have fun like that.

✔Check out Our clan on the social medias:

#Facebook: Beo2fticlan


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Muy cierto Macab, tu muy bien.
Sheldon ._. Al menos traduce lo que ha dicho y comenta algo coherente no comentes por comentar Smiley_XD
En serio nosotros 3 tenemos que estar spameando todos los hilos?
Best leader and best funnys of clan!! I like it bro. And good idea to make our clan web site Smiley_Wink
If u like to comment, comment with English

Tnx mr.mehdi and all the other guys
Your kembers leave always
(11-12-2015 11:09 PM)ftihochou Wrote: [ -> ]HAHA u mean members well my members are loyal to me exept if that member not added by the leaders thats mean not official he add hthem slfs .

Well you should make an official member list on your clan thread then. So anyone can check if the player wearing the tag is in your clan or is a fake member.
Ur right but the members list is in the website
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